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Server Opened
Congratulations, players of our server! The server was successfully started! Great starting online and growing!
But unfortunately some of you have problems with starting the game. If you can not start the client - the forum has a topic that is likely to help you.
WCoin selling enabled
To start playing our server you need to download new client!

Before opening you have oportunity to earn WCoin, as well as help server to attract more players and make gameplay even more interesting by participating in advertisment contests - Skype advertisment and Facebook and VKontakte post sharing event.

Also we invite all guilds to our server, and offer for it reward - VIP status to Guild Master and all members!
server opening 13 july 19.00
The server's OBT was completed! Server's opening date - 13 yuly 19.00 server time!
In next few days in the forum we will announce players who, helped the server most during the OBT, as well as contests aimed at attracting players to the server!
Continue to vote for the server, the reward for pre-opening votes, contests and participation in the OBT will be credited after the first successful castle siege.
Second OBT stage
First OBT stage successfully finished and the second has been started!
The second stage of OBT will last from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the test results. You can find information about changes made in server configuration by clicking MORE button below.
If you dont want to participate in OBT - register anyway we'll send you email notification when OBT will be finished and Grand Opening date will be known!